FemmeTek is a blog born out of the need to share my university experiences with other students and professionals. I wanted to both document my experiences, allow other women to share theirs, and encourage women to participate in the STEM fields. 

I myself started out as a Computer Science student, and then switched into one of the Humanities and Social Sciences fields as my major. I still work in the STEM fields (specifically computer security) and wanted to still maintain this blog in order to show women that even if they aren't a STEM major, they can still be involved in the STEM world. 

FemmeTek's motto is "You don't have to be a stereotype" and I really hope that at least one young woman takes that to heart if they read this blog.

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments or email me at: femmetek@gmail.com

Live and Learn Ladies! 

- Lauren Brennan, Founder