My Favorite Study Places


I have a lot of places where I try and study and I have honestly tried as many places as you can think of - outdoors, on my bed, in my dining area, on my floor, in the library, if you can name it I have probably studied in that area. Because of this, I have found a few places that I can absolutely get the most work done and I tend to rotate them around when I am feeling a certain method/way.

  1. When I am doing a lot of coding/online homework - My desk or the library. My desk has two monitors and lovely space for me to spread out on so when I am doing online work (homework, class work, coding) I have found that it helps if I use two monitors and split the way that I look at things. One screen is typically notes or research and the other screen is the actual assignment. If I am not at my desk, then I go to the library and I either use the university computers or just use my textbook and laptop for work.
  2. When I need to read a lot - I typically like to curl up on a chair in the library or if it is a nice day, I'll bring a blanket/hammock to several of the fields we have on campus and just chill there while I read. Sometimes none of those options actually works out however and so I then just sprawl out on a chair in my living room and put on some soothing music.
  3. When I'm feeling instagrammy - I go to a coffee shop or the library. I love coffee shops when I can concentrate and sometimes that's not always possible. I also enjoy the aesthetic both coffee shops and the library bring to the study atmosphere so when I want to really get work done AND take pictures for instagram and tumblr, I go here.

Places that I absolutely recommend you DO NOT study at:

  1. Your bed - It is SO HARD to concentrate here and I do not recommend that you try and get a lot done here because all you will want to do is watch TV and sleep. I usually prefer my bed for relaxing and reading non school work books.
  2. In a room while you are eating - I totally recommend using a large table when you need to spread out but NOT while you are eating dinner/snacking. Not only does it distract you from your work but it takes away from valuable break time you can use to wind down after studying.
  3. On the floor - unless you have a great back, chances are your floor is not a good place to study and it can be pretty uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Remember that you may be productive in places I'm not, and it's important for you to find your best study places and methods on your own!