Introduction: What is FemmeTek?


No one ever tells you how hard it is going from High School to University. Everyone always tells you what's going to happen when you're already there but they don't bother explaining how to get there. I can honestly say that these past few months have been kind of crazy to make sure everything is perfect for moving to a new school and the idea of being in a male dominated field kind of scares me. That's why I started FemmeTek. So what exactly is FemmeTek?

Well, FemmeTek is exactly like it sounds. It's a combination of the ideas of Femme and Tech, which represents my ideal self, a women who feels confident in herself and her technological field. I am not saying that every women in the STEM fields should be feminine or that every women should be a stereotypical "geek", the point of FemmeTek is that you can be as stereotypical or as atypical as you want to be and still be successful in a STEM Field.

I've heard so many horror stories of women who have quit their fields or changed majors because of how they were treated by their mostly male peers, and I don't want to be another horror story. The aim of FemmeTek is to document my journey through University to get my Computer Science degree at NC State while still maintaining my femininity. Along the way, friends of mine who are also getting degrees in such fields are Soil Science, Engineering, and Chemistry are going to provide their insights and tips for dealing with the sexist culture that is common in the STEM fields.

I hope to use this blog to help inspire and show women everywhere that you do not have to be a stereotype to have a successful career in Science Technology Engineering or Math (STEM). You can be a smart, successful, and sexy women in a STEM field without giving up your values or fashion sense, just watch me.