Part 2: So you've graduated!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS GRAD! You're officially free from the bonds of high school, now it's time to move on to the next rung on that education ladder. Now that you're in your last free summer before you become a freshman again, let's talk about what you need to do in the few weeks after you've graduated. Once it gets closer to August, I'll post some more about getting ready for the first day.

1) First things first, send in final transcripts. This includes all of your high school classes, any community college classes you may have taken, and all of your AP scores. Send them into your college by the posted date they need to have them, for example, NC State's transcript date was June 15th. If you don't send them in you run the risk of having them rescind your admission! do this ASAP if you haven't already!

2) Clean out your Closet

Since graduating a few weeks ago, I've completely reinvented my personal style. Personally, I've found that having comfortable, yet versatile tops, is a huge bonus because I can wear them with dressy bottoms for an internship or with a cute skirt for a party. You can donate all of your used clothes to places like Goodwill or you can try to sell them for a little extra cash and save up for those expensive textbooks.

3) Figure out where you're rooming and who you're rooming with

This is an important step because you'll be spending a year with this person, so figuring out boundries is key to a successful first year. You can either do this on the first day, or if you already have your room mates information, you can meet up and figure it all out then.

4) Hang out with your friends

Chances are, a lot of your friends are going to different schools so make sure you hang out as much as you can with them! It's your last summer together, so make it last!

5) Relax!

You finished all of your exams, you passed them, you've graduated, and now all you have left is college! So just relax and enjoy your last summer at home with all of your family and friends.