Roommate Relationships

As you all know, August is approaching rapidly and with it the reality that you are going to be spending the nine months of your life sharing a room with some one you may barely know. Roommates can be your best friend or your worst enemy, here are a few tips to meeting your roommate and figuring out the realities of roommate relationships. 1) Email them

Include a little bit about yourself and your habits, talk about what kind of person you are and whether or not you are a clean or a messy person. Also include questions for your roommate, ask them things like their favorite movie, how messy they are, what their major is and things of that nature. The better you get to know your roommate the less likely you may have issues with your roommate later on.

2) Meet them

If you can, and you live near each other, meet your roommate and discuss these things in person. Meeting your roommate in person helps to cement that you are going to be living with another human being for the next nine months. It also helps to decide whether or not you need to request a new roommate or if you want to stay roommates. Though trying to stick it out with your roommate is probably for the better.

3) Discuss Boundaries

You and your roommate need to decide on a few boundaries like how to clean your room, whether you can have significant others in the room, what kind of music you want to listen to, how loud the music should be, how you should decorate the room, what should be shared between you to and who should bring what to the room during move in.

4) Know each other's schedules

You are going to be spending the next nine months with this person, you need to know each others schedules. Knowing your roommate's schedule helps to plan out your own non class schedule. For instance, if you want to study with loud music but your roommate doesn't, knowing when your roommate is going to be in class can help you determine when you can study with said loud music. Knowing each others schedules also helps to you to know what time your roommate will be waking up, versus what time you are waking up on the weekdays.

Lastly, your roommate is the person you're going to be spending the next nine months with, you need to learn how to handle living with another person, hopefully these tips can help you navigate the world of living with another person.