Dorm Essentials: Shower and Sheets

Now that we have less than a month before move in day (for most people) here are a few essentials every student needs to have in their dorm room. If nothing else, you need to have:
  1. Sheets, check with your university to see what sheet size you need in your dorm. Not having sheets that fit sucks.
  2. Pillows, to sleep on and pile up around you.
  3. Extra blankets, dorm rooms tend to be colder so come prepared.
  4. Hangers, to hang your clothes on.
  5. Towels, I suggest at least two of each kind for laundry day.
  6. Shower Caddy, I suggest a stick on one or one that you feel comfortable leaving on the shower floor.
  7. Shower shoes, please, please, bring them. Foot fungus is an issue.
  8. A rug, besides helping keep your feet warm, it can be a cool way to pull your dorm room together.

As always, each individual student has individual needs, but the items listed here are a general list of things that we've found makes life easier. Feel free to comment anything you think we missed! Dorm Essentials: Shower and Sheets