Dorm Essentials: Electronics

Now that you have your sheets and towels all ready to go it's time to look at the electronic essentials you need to have:
  1. A clip on light for your bed. Trust me, you don't want to keep your overhead light on all the time when your roommate is trying to sleep.
  2. An alarm clock, or use your cell phone. You do NOT want to wake up late for class and miss an important exam.
  3. A desk chair. If you even have a desk chair in your dorm, it is likely that it's not a very good chair, I recommend bringing your own chair from home.
  4. Desk lamp. For when you need to actually see the material you're studying.
  5. Extension cord. I don't think I could stress this enough, you need all of the space and outlets you can get. Don't forget to use an adapter too!
  6. Laptop, if you need it.
  7. Chargers for your cellphone, tablet, laptop or anything else that needs to be charged.
  8. Headphones. If you need to study in the library or when your roommate is sleeping, these will be invaluable to you, so get a good pair.
  9. Speakers. When you and your roommate want to rock out or when you want to watch a movie. They can also be used if your roommate is out and you personally want to rock out.
  10. Your phone. I thought I'd include this just to be on the safe side here, but it's always a good idea to carry it with you at all times. Just make sure not to use it during class or cheat with it.

As ever, this was just a simple list of electronic essentials that I think every student needs in their dorm room. Feel free to add things your think are needed in the comments section, Enjoy!Dorm Essentials: Electronics