Tips for Move-In Day


If you're like me, you're in the process of packing everything together to take to your dorm room - which could be in the next city over or across the world- and you may be stressing a bit out. Here are some of my tips for making move in day simple and easy all around:

  1. Make sure you put everything in your car/truck the night before move in so you don't have to worry about it the morning.
  2. Get there early, you don't want to get stuck behind a long line of people trying to use the elevator to get to the 9th floor with all of their stuff.
  3. Get boxes that don't break, having a cardboard box break on you while you're carrying your favorite lamp upstairs is the worst.
  4. Make a list and be sure you have everything, you don't want to forget your laptop or your phone charger sitting on your bedside table, here are some good ones I found on Pinterest:
  5. Say goodbye to your parents and loved ones, they helped you get here, probably bought a lot of your stuff, and helped pay for you to get here, so tell them you love them!
  6. Last but not least, make friends with your roommates and the people on your floor, you'll be spending time with them for the next nine months, move in day is perfect for getting to know everyone, they don't know anyone else either!

Hoped these tips helped, Enjoy!