Student Savings: Starbucks Frappe Alternative


I have an addiction to Starbucks Frappes. It can be bad, I used to drink one every other day to everyday after school during high school. When I got to University, I slowly began to realize that my weekly budget could not withstand daily Starbucks use. After a few weeks, a good friend of mine taught me a trick she learned in Greece about how to make a cheap Frappe alternative using three ingredients and water. This recipe is really fast, really cheap and so so customizable for every student. Here goes:

Materals Needed:




I used Nescafe Instant coffee in a Dark Roast blend, Sugar in the Raw Cane Sugar, a Mason Jar with a twist off top, Water, Ice, and Half and Half milk.

Step One: 

Combine about a spoonful of Instant coffee and Sugar into the Mason Jar. Fill the jar up with about a finger widths amount of water and shake until frothy.


It should look a bit like this

Step Two: 

Pour the froth over a glass, or tumbler filled with ice, and add half and half milk or water, and a syrup of your choice if you so choose.



Finished drink, complete with a straw.

I personally don't like the taste of coffee, so I add in a lot of sugar and milk to mine, but you can personalize this drink anyway you want!

Cost Analysis:

Milk : $2.29

Coffee: $3.99

Sugar: $3.54

Total: $9.63

A Starbucks Tall Frappe: $3.95

Six days a week total: $23.7

Comparatively, I think making my frappe drink is a lot cheaper, healthier and faster to make than a tall Starbucks Frappe!