FemmeTek's Top Ten Study Tips: #1


Starting this week, we're starting a new series called "Top Ten Study Tips" to help keep you focused and to give you all some tips on how to get the grade you want in your classes. Today's tip is:

Get Organized 

If you aren't organized, especially when you try to take notes or study, you likely won't ever remember that you have a test in a week that you need to review for or that the massive project your professor gave you a month ago is now due in three days. Getting organized is a really easy way to make sure you stay on track with everything you need to do. Here's a few simple tricks to getting-and staying- organized throughout the school year.

  1. Set up a monthly schedule that you can look at everyday to know what events are going on. tumblr_nu0ly7R2fx1u8q1clo1_1280
  2. Get-or make- a planner that you will use EVERY DAY. This can be something like the Day Designer planner, a Filofax planner,  a simple planner from Target, use your phone, or even a Bullet Journal that you can create yourself. Planner's are essential to every student or professional in the work force, without it, it's easier to forget assignments, appointments, and things that you need to do during the day. tumblr_nujpm6hypx1ufq8too1_1280
  3. Set up a schedule and stick to it. By sticking to a schedule, you have a better chance of making sure everything gets done on time and easily. tumblr_nlz0kxbY7F1urpzpgo1_500
  4. Set up and find a study space. Make sure it has everything you need - like good lighting- and internet if you need it. tumblr_nuk2buvBkp1uzx644o1_500
  5. Lastly, take some time to figure out what organizational techniques work the best for you, it's okay to change things up as long as you figure out what works best for you. tumblr_nukhnrXWsQ1uukx7mo1_500
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