FemmeTek's Top Ten Study Tips: #2


Continuing on with our series "Top Ten Study Tips" with tip number two! Today's tip is:

Note Taking

Learning how to take notes is a very important skill to have as a college student, if you can't take notes, you don't  have the right material to study from, and then you run the risk of failing a test or a class. Here are some helpful tricks to do when taking notes.

  1. It doesn't matter what they look like during class. During class you should be focused on making sure all of the information you receive in class is being taken down, not on how pretty the notes look at that moment. Trust me, it is always better to have all the information from the class, than have half-written notes form that days lecture that look pretty. 
  2. Rewrite your notes. After class, or even the next day, is the best time to rewrite your notes. Now is the time to focus on making your notes look nice and neat, even time to add some color. Use this time as well to go over your other notes and make sure you can understand them. 
  3. Read the textbook before class and take notes pre-lecture. These notes don't have to be nice and neat, but by reading each chapter before class, can help you understand and make it easier to take notes during the lecture. 
  4. If you do not understand something you took notes on in the lecture, look at the notes before it, find the section that the notes talks about in the textbook and take notes from their. You can also look at supplemental information found in many places, to help you find a better way to take notes on that subject. khan_academy
  5. Find a note taking method. Figure out which method of note taking works best for you, whether it be the Cornell Method or this blogs lovely method of taking notes. Cornell-Notes-Web
  6. Summarize each chapter. I like to summarize all of the information I learned from each chapter into a mind map that lets me look at all the information and draw connections between all of the notes that I have taken over the chapter. I also like to do this for test revision as well. All-about-Mind-Mapping

Final thoughts for today are: Note taking is a really important skill to have in order to be successful in your university or high school career, we hope you have learned a lot from our Tip #2!


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