FemmeTek's Top Ten Study Tips: #3


This week, as tests and midterms start piling up (October seems to be a bad month for people) our third tip for you will hopefully help some of you feel better about your upcoming exams. So, without further adieu, Tip Number 3 is:

(Ways to be) Stress Free 

 1. Plan our your day. The more organized you are with your time and how you use it, the more prepared you will be for tests and quizzes.download

2. Know when your exams are. Knowing the dates of all of your exams is vital to being able to study for them on time and being prepared. If you have no idea when your test is, how do you know when to study or what even is on it?


3. Complete the study guide. Most teachers give at least some idea of what's going to be covered on the exam and a lot of teachers give students access to a study guide. Find that study guide and do it. This way, you'll know what you do and don't understand on the exam, before the exam happens.


4. Go to office hours. Make sure you visit your professors office hours at least once before your exam, this way you can ask them questions about the exam structure, any last minute questions you have on the material and how it's going to be graded.


5. Make sure you come prepared for the actual exam. If you need a calculator, bring a calculator. If you need a #2 pencil and a highlighter, bring a #2 pencil and a highlighter. You are responsible for bringing all of the materials you need to class for each exam you have.


6. Try not to get too stressed out about it. It's okay if you don't make the best grade on your first exam. Typically, no one makes a great grade on their very first exam, but just know that usually, you can make up that grade if you need to.

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Next week, we'll talk about ways to deal with a bad test grade or assignment grade in more detail.