Interview Outfits: Pants and Collared Shirts

Almost every student goes through the same three things before the end of their college career: job applications, interviews, and exams.
Since we've already given you some tips on job applications and how your resume should be structured, this time around we'll give you some tips for how to dress and act during an interview. The outfit ideas we've provided below are part one of our interview outfit ideas (next week we'll provide skirt and dress ideas), and to help you along the way we've also provided some tips:
1. Dress to impress. No open toed shoes, match your clothing, make sure your hair is pinned back and your makeup is not too overpowering. The first thing employers look at is how their prospective employee chose to look for the interview.
2. Research the company. Know who you are going to be talking to, know a bit about the company itself and make sure you know why you are going for this job. Companies want to know why you want to work for them, just saying "you need the job" or you think that the company is "really cool" won't cut it at all.
3. Practice your handshake. A firm handshake is key to the interview process.
That's all the tips for this week, but next Interview post we'll provide some more tips for the interview process, have fun and enjoy!
 Interview Outfits: Pants and Collared Shirts