FemmeTek's Top Ten Study Tips: #4


University life is hard. Often times, you are going to have deal with things such as bad test grades, no sleep, friendships going wrong, roommate issues, and even having a professor dislike you. That's why tip number four will be:

(What to do) When College Is Hard

  1. Bad Test Grades: First things first, don't panic. Chances are there is going to be a way to make up the bad grade. Talk to your professor about what you did wrong and how you can make up the test grade. If this is your second or third bad test grade (it happens), calculate your current grade in the class to see if it is feasible to pass the class with the grade (or similar) that you want.670px-Deal-With-a-Bad-Grade-Step-02
  2. No sleep: Unfortunately, there really isn't a away to get out of this one, unless you are really good at planning, or you just don't care about your grade in the class. In order to make sure that you can properly function the next day (or days) try to take a few different naps, drink plenty of water, drink caffeine, and try to eat as healthily as possible.download
  3. Friendships going wrong: Often these things happen without anyone being at fault, but if incase there was a offence that occurred between you two, and you would like to  become friends again, try and work past your issues. Though, you must understand that sometimes people don't want to be friends again after something ahs happened. If instead, you guys drifted apart, try to reconnect by inviting them to go see a movie, start a study group, or just hang out and get food together.Mean-Girls-Where-Now
  4. Roommate Issues: In this case, sit down and talk with your roommate(s) about your issues and ways to fix them. If there is a very serious issue, you can talk with your RA to see if they can help you fix your issues. Worst case is that one of you may need to move out of the room, but generally you should always try to work things out before moving out.download (1)
  5. Your Professor doesn't Like You: There is honestly not much you can do for this problem, but you can make sure your professor knows who you are, and that you are trying hard in your classes. It also helps if you sit in the front T of the classroom, so your professor knows who you are, and you should try to speak up in class and ask questions when you need to. Though if your professor is Umbridge, drop the class and run for the hills people! u-professor-umbridge--large-msg-133462400563
  6. You're late to Class: If you are able to get to class before it's halfway over, try to make it as soon as you can. Be quiet when you enter the classroom, but if there is a presentation going on try to wait until the professor or whomever is talking has finished speaking before you enter the classroom. Often times you may not be able to get attendance credit for that days class, but you should still try to make it so that you can at least know what that days class was about. h31667ad4

There's many different things that can go wrong in college, though you shouldn't assume that everything will go wrong. Take each day one at a time, and try to use your best judgement in the case that something does go wrong or that things are getting too hard.

Remember that if you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, homesick, or otherwise mentally drained, your university's health center should offer counseling if you feel like you need it. Mental health is important and there is no shame in needing to talk to someone or get help. b8b532e6c6bcfc2affbeb1796b20a1b040e9594f4daa7fef796ecb770da82f2c