Interview Outfits: Skirts and Blouses

In our second installment of tips for interview preparation, we're gonna give you some more tips on interview outfit looks as well as other tips and tricks for making sure your interview goes smooth.
  1.  Find interview questions and practice them. Use your roommate or friends to practice the standard interview questions like, "Why do you want to work for us?" and "What kind of workplace environment do you want?" Make sure you can answer these questions well and accurately.
  2. Technical Questions. Sometimes, especially if the internship is technical in any way, they will ask you questions about technical aspects. Check places like Glassdoor to look at what previous candidate questions are and make sure you can answer those questions.
  3. When you wear a skirt for your interview, remember to go with a knee length or longer skirt and try to pair it with modest heels. You can also pair flats with a skirt, but sometimes they can make you look really really tiny so be aware if you are in anyway short.
  4. You should always bring at least two copies of your resume, and make sure it is as up to date as possible so you can make sure your interviewer has it. Know your resume so you can be prepared to answer any questions about your resume your interviewer may have.
As always, the outfits pictured here are $50 USD or less, enjoy!
Interview Outfits: Skirts and Blouses