Her Story Thursdays: Hedy Lamarr


This week for our Her Story Thursday's post, we are going to talk about the woman who was integral in making Wi-Fi, a reality.download (1) Hedy Lamarr was born in Vienna, Austria in 1914. She first starred in a German film at the age of 17. By 1932 Lamarr had gained the attention of Hollywood and began to star in American films, starting with Algiers in 1938. Not only beautiful, but smart as well, Hedy Lamarr and a composer George Antheil began working on a project they called "Secret Communication Systems". They patented the project in 1942, when Hedy was just 28 years old. Her work on the project, originally meant to help protect Allied radio communications from being blocked by enemy governments, was too futuristic to be implemented at the time. Years later however, her work was used to revolutionize the telecommunications industry.

Hedy Lamarr's work with composer George Antheil lead to modern day Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, and CDMA. Without her, we would likely be years behind in telecommunication revelations. Though she was known for her beauty and work in films, Hedy Lamarr proved to the world that being pretty does not mean that you are not smart.