Holiday Tips

The end of November marks the beginning of what we like to call, the Panic Season. That magical time after midterms and before finals. Thanksgiving falls almost directly in the middle of this time period, and it only adds on stress when you think about the amount of family conversations you are going to have about your education. In honor of the Thanksgiving and the Holiday season, we're offering some tips for surviving this seasonal activity.

  1. If you are driving or flying anywhere to visit your family:
    1. Dress comfy, but if you want to make a good impression on your family when you get there, you can change during the last leg of your journey so you don't look so travel weary.
    2. BRING YOUR SCHOOLWORK. Use this time to study and make sure you bring everything you think you need for the class(es) you want to study for.
    3. Headphones are one of man's best inventions, make sure you bring some. Also, if you can, bring a portable charger so that your electronics don't die four hours before you stop anywhere.
    4. Snacks are good, snacks are great.
  2. If you are staying home, and people are coming to visit you:
    1. Clean, clean, clean, clean. Chances are, you probably only see these relatives every other year, you want to make a great impression on them so that they don't remember you as someone you are not.
    2. Help your parents organize and plan the meal. Not only will it give you some brownie points, but if you mentioned that you helped cook/plan/grocery shop then they may not ask you as many questions about your life as you know they want to.
    3. Try to find some time to study, even if it's just for fifteen minutes. There is usually some down time between when your family comes over and when the house gets clean, try to study then.
    4. Relax. It's probably not going to be as bad as you think.
  3. Fashion:
    1. For the plane/car ride: Dress comfy, wear leggings and a sweatshirt with layers, if you get hot you can always take something off, but if you don't bring enough clothes you can't just steal someone else's to wear when you get cold.
    2. For dinner: Try to dress it up a little if it's going to be a very formal dinner, otherwise, keep it simple and make sure everything matches and there are no stains. For a less formal dinner go with some nice pants or a skirt and a collared shirt or a simple shirt dress. If the dinner is formal, go with a nice dress and heels or sandals if its warm where you are.
      Thanksgiving Fashion: Casual Dinner Wear

      Thanksgiving Fashion: Formal Wear

Overall, remember to relax. The holidays are a stressful time for everyone. Just remember to breathe, and that you'll eventually make it through the times.