Get Involved Part 1: Organizations for Women


You may or may not end up in a class where you are the only women in a group of 30+ people. Unfortunately, because women are such a minority in the tech and STEM fields, finding and networking with people in your area can be hard when you are a female. That's why, today we are going to showcase some of the societies and clubs out there that aim to connect women in the STEM fields to each other.

  1. The Association for Women in Science. This society is dedicated to making sure 'all women in STEM reach their potential'. They have over 20,000 members and are working to advance women in the STEM field.
  2. Society of Women Engineers. As they put it: 'For more than six decades, SWE has given women engineers a unique place and voice within the engineering industry.' They also offer tons of scholarships for women in Universities form undergraduate to graduate study.
  3. Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority. This is an international Engineering Society for women in Universities around the world that provides the sisterhood of a sorority with the professional networking of a professional society.
  4. A few International and Regional Organizations:
    1. Scientista
    2. WomensNet
    3. WomensHub
    4. Women Rock Science

There are tons of other organizations for women specifically in STEM and you can check them our here. Part 2 will talk more about organizations for both women and men a little bit more and Part 3 will talk about university clubs.