Final Exam Tips and Tricks:


Woohoo the semester is almost over! But wait! Before you leave there are a few things left for you to do. Namely, you need to take your final exams. As finals approach we're giving you some tips that we've found work the best when studying for these all so important exams.

  1. Organize your notes. The better organized you are, the better you will be able to know what to study for. Often, finals are cumulative and so you need to be able to look through your notes and know what you learned over the year.
  2. Set and start a study schedule. Study for a certain amount of time each day for every class that you have a final in. The more often you study and review, the better chance you have of remembering all of that information for you final exam.
  3. KNOW WHEN YOUR FINALS ARE. This is super important. You absolutely must know when your finals are, where they start, and what will be on them. Without this information, you may end up missing your final and failing your class. Which would be a monumentally bad thing to happen.
  4. Find a study buddy. If you don't have one already, walk into your school's library, find someone who looks vaguely familiar from your class and join them in their studying. If you have a question you can ask them, and if they need to know something, you might be able to answer the question for them. Win Win situation!
  5. Talk to your professors. Make sure you are absolutely clear on what will be on your exams. Go over your last tests with them, if you made mistakes ask them what you can do to fix them on the next test, get to know how your professor grades if you don't already.
  6. Do the practice problems.  Then redo the practice problems and test questions again and again and again. This way you can get very familiar with the types of questions asked, and how to solve them.

We hope that these tips have helped you on your journey to studying for final exams, comment below how you study for your finals!