What to do During Your Winter Break


Many colleges offer almost a month off to students after finals to rest and recuperate from the stresses of the last semester and exams. This can be very helpful to a lot of people, but there can still be that moment of 'Uh oh, I have nothing to do' for many. Today's guide will be all about combating those moments of boredom and restlessness during your holiday break.

  1. Travel. If you can afford to, try to take a day trip somewhere with your family or a close group of friends. If you really want to, try traveling to a different country for a few days and just explore.
  2. Start to learn a language or brush up on your skills. Duolingo and Memrise both have great apps and websites that you can use to learn a new language or brush up on an old one for free in a short amount of time.
  3. Order your textbooks. Over the holidays is when many stores have huge discounts and sales on their items still in stock. If you know what books you need for the spring semester, try to get them early so that you have more moolah in your pocket for spring! See our list of ways to find cheap textbooks for more info!
  4. Decorate your apartment/home. Decorating for the holidays, whether it be Hanukkah or Christmas, can be fun when you employ the help of your family and friends all around you.
  5. Start a workout regime. Get fit over the holidays and keep it up when you are back at school. Working out can help increase brain activity, keep you healthy, and make sure you're not bored all the time!
  6. Write thank you notes. If you receive gifts over the break for any reason, be sure to write a thank you note to the gifter. Why not relieve boredom by being polite?
  7. Spend some time with family. Take your little brother to the movie he's wanted to see for ages. Go shopping with your aunt and cousins for new years. Pick out and decorate a christmas tree with your grandparents. Spend time with your family before you go back to school for the new year.
  8. Look over your classes for next semester. Finalize everything and make sure you have the classes that you want. Often times people will drop a class over winter break because they realize that they don't really want to take the class next semester, freeing it up for you.
  9. Go through your old clothes. Find what you don't wear anymore. or just don't like and donate it to charity or sell your old clothes for cash if you need to.
  10. Veg-out. Take some much needed R&R and catch up on some of your favorite TV shows, or find a new one and just relax with your friends and family. You deserve it after finals and the last semester. i-dont-always-meme