FemmeTek's Top Ten Study Tips: #5


Recently, while attending an lecture for a class, the author had the chance to listen to one of the guest speakers (From her University's Tutorial Center) give some of the top research based study tips that the department had found. Listed here, along with some idea's to help you going are some of the ones that were mentioned during the lecture.

  1. Avoid Back to Back Classes. This gives you time to prepare for your next class, do some last minute studying, and take a breather throughout your day.
  2. Start study habits on the first day of class. By starting on the first day, you can establish a routine fairly quickly that you'll already be used to when it comes time for tests and quizzes and projects to study for.
  3. Establish a routine. Like the above tip, establishing a routine makes it easier for you to study, get things done, and relax because you know that you have everything planned out.
  4. Find a good study place. This can be the library, your school's coffee shop, a quiet spot in your room or even in the dining halls - as long as it works for you. We recommend that you don't study in your bed however.
  5. Go to your professors Office Hours. They are there to help you, so it benefits you to go to there office hours whenever you have a question. The better you understand something, the better you will do during that test. Office Hours are also a good resources to find out more about what the exams will look like, how the professor grades, and other things that can make a huge difference in your grade.
  6. Utilize Campus Resources. Generally, your campus should have a tutorial center where you can have access to free help on many different subjects. Some Universities even have specialized centers for specific subjects, like Math, Physics, or Chemistry, and many have a Writing Center where you can get help with with your essays.

Many of the tips listed below can be seen as general 'common sense' rules for academic success, but you'd be surprised at how many students don't do these things on a regular basis and then their grades suffer dramatically because of it. We hope that you utilize these tips and get the grades that you want for the semester!