Things to Do During Spring Break


It's finally here! Spring Break in the United States is upon us and if you don't have any plans yet, here are a few cool things to do while you are relaxing during your well deserved break from university classes.

  1. Take a day trip. This can be to a cool museum like the Smithsonian, the beach, or even to go shopping in an area you haven't been around yet. Taking a day trip somewhere is a good way to get a great experience with little money spent (think gas and ticket price/shopping money) and to hang out with
  2. Go exploring. Budget a day or two to spend some time exploring areas around where you live - go drive around the mountains, up and down the coast, or to a small town you have never heard of before.cover
  3. Sleep. Do we even need to explain this?Sleep-is-Good
  4. Have a movie marathon. Pick a movie series (Harry Potter anyone?) and find a group of friends to marathon them with. See how many times you can quote the movies (correctly) and share some popcorn!HP_Blu-ray_1-7
  5. Get some work done. Once you get back to university, you may be faced with deadline on top of deadline, so try to knock out some of that work early on, which leaves more time for relaxing. tumblr_niuhnvW0To1te6400o1_500