FemmeTeks Top Ten Tips: #6 SMART Goals


This week's top ten tip is all about setting goals. Specifically SMART Goals. If you don't know or understand what SMART goals are, no worries, We'll explain everything here below.

  1. What are SMART Goals? SMART Goals are a set (or even just one) of goals that you create according to your needs.
  2. How do I create a SMART Goal? The SMART in SMART Goals tells you exactly what you need in order to create a good goal. These Five parts are:
    1. Specific - Making your goal as specific as possible helps you focus on what you are trying to get done or do.
    2. Measurable - Having some way of measuring your progress as you go along also helps make sure you are staying on the right track.
    3. Attainable - Is your goal attainable? You don't want to start out with a super unrealistic goal.
    4. Relevant - Try to keep your goal relevant to your everyday life so you aren't struggling with balancing too many things at a time.
    5. Timely - Create a timeline and a deadline for your goal.
  3. What are some SMART Goals that I can have? You can have and create any SMART Goal you want to have, we recommend having a SMART Goal that revolves around an issue you may be having school, such as making sure you turn in all of your assignments on time or you study for that one class you are having trouble in at least once a day.
  4. Who uses SMART Goals? Lot's of people use SMART Goals, especially students, but many people also use the SMART Goal System for big projects or tasks or even goals that they want to accomplish-like learning a new language.

There are lot's of resources out there if you want more information on how to get started with SMART Goals, you can check out this PDF from University of Virginia that goes into greater detail about SMART Goals and helps you get started creating them here.