Job Search Guide: University Resources 


Most Universities have job search guides, resume critiques, and information sessions that are available to students. Taking advantage of these resources is imperative if you as the student want to be able to find and apply for internships or even full time jobs. Some of the resources universities often provide for their students include:

  1. Career centers. Places where you can talk to a career councilor, get resources and booklets on resume writing, and find general tips on searching for jobs.
  2. Resume critiques. Once you write your resume, it helps to have someone look over it to find any grammatical errors, sentence errors, and help you finalize the structure of your resume.
  3. Information sessions. Many universities and companies offer information sessions where companies talk about what they do, what they look for in an intern or a full time employee, and give you a chance to ask questions.
  4. Career Counselors. We've touched on them briefly before, but career counselors offer solid advice for when you're looking at changing majors, want someone to help you navigate the internship process, or need help deciding which internships to accept.
  5. Academic Advisors. Similar to the career counselors, academic advisors help students with their academic careers. Academic advisors help make sure you are on track to graduate with the major you wanted, check in with you every now and again,and help you navigate the world of college classes.

Universities offer a lot of other resources to their students, but the ones above are more specific resources that your university should have to help you transition into the workplace. Hope you enjoy!