How to Stay Healthy While Living In the Dorm


Sometimes it can be hard to eat healthy and be fit during the school year while you are sharing your living space with at least one other person and you don't have access to a kitchen. There's a reason that many freshman students gain the fabled "freshman fifteen"! Here are some ways to make sure you stay healthy during the school year when you live on a dorm.

  1. Go see your University's nutritionist. They can help you plan meals, stay on track if you have any specific dietary concerns (such as diabetes, gluten- free, vegan) and can help you meal plan so you are staying healthy.Nutrition-Matters-Pages_0092
  2. Record your meals. This helps stop you from eating everything in sight and makes you think about what you are actually putting into your body. Some of my favorites are the MyFitnessPal or you can even use a food journal!
  3. Stock up on healthy snacks. Grab some snacks on your way to class and eat those when you're tempted to swing by the vending machines. I recommend apples, power bars, granola, and pita chips.
  4. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Water helps you flush out toxins, keeps you healthy, and can even help you control your portions. I've always found that I eat more unhealthy foods when I'm dehydrated.
  5. Avoid soda. This doesn't mean coffee necessarily, just sodas such as Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pibb, and Pepsi. Soda contains massive amounts of sugar and not a lot of caffeine so their downsides don't outweigh their benefits. Energy drinks are similar, but you can find healthy energy drink options like Mati in a lot of stores now.  MATI-72110.png
  6. Take a gym class. Most universities offer gym classes to all students, whether you enroll in a semester long course or take weekly classes at the gym, getting active is important to your physical and mental health.
  7. Walk everywhere. Walking burns calories, tones your muscles, and gets you active everyday. I personally try to walk everywhere but sometimes it's just not feasible and that's perfectly fine
  8. Get a good nights sleep. Sleep is so important! Sleeping helps your body reset for the day, helps you make better choices about portions, and the foods you eat. If you sleep less you are more likely to eat unhealthy foods and exercise less because you are tired.
  9. Go crazy once in a while. Take sometime to eat all of the junk food and drink all of the soda your heart desires. It's important to take time for yourself every once in a while.