How to Stay Motivated During the Last Weeks of Classes


Summer is almost here! If you're like me you're super psyched and can't wait to get your final exams over with. If you're also like me, you may have noticed that it's getting harder to make yourself sit down and actually study or get your work done during these last few weeks (One month left people!). I have come across this challenge many a time in my high school and college career - so today I'm gonna share my tips for staying motivated during these last few weeks.

  1. Set a time for yourself to do whatever. I know this seems a little bit counter productive but trust me, setting a time for yourself when you can just relax and do whatever you want each day is super important to staying motivated (and it makes it that much sweeter!)
  2. Put on some music. Try to find upbeat/bass heavy music that you can jam to without getting distracted by when you are trying to get work done. This way you feel like you are having lots of fun while you are working and it helps you get more things done during the day.
  3. Time yourself. Get a timer (or an app) and use it to make sure you stay on track. I personally like the app Forest which helps you minimize use on your phone when you are supposed to be studying.
  4. Cut all of the distractions. There are a few add-on/plugins and apps that can help you do this by blacklisting certain sites (tumblr,twitter,Facebook, CNN  etc.) until the time you allotted to do work is over. This is similar to number 3 above only it literally blocks the sites until the times up. I personally enjoy Self Control for Mac and there are others around for PC.
  5. Reward yourself for your hard work. This can be anything you want to give yourself as a "treat" to reward yourself for your hard work. It's important to not only take breaks by doing whatever you want to do, but also to reward the work you have been doing to stay so focused and motivated.
  6. Remind yourself why you are studying so hard. Think about your goals, your dreams, what you hope to accomplish and why you are taking these classes, enrolled at this university, and why this matters to you. Thinking about these things never fails to make me more motivated.