How To: Manage Your Time


It can be hard to figure out how to manage your time and keep everything on track during the week. This is why I use Google Calendar to try to block out times where I work on a specific task and try to get as much done as I can during the time period. I'm not perfect but I like to think that by doing this it helps me keep myself on track most of the time. Below is my schedule for this week (I've erased some names/personal information for myself):ExampleWeeklySchedule  

I've color coded everything so that I know what I am working on when and can be prepared. Light blue is personal events, green is extracurricular activities (so is the pink stripes that's just a different calendar), Purple is work, Red is interviews, and the rest are color coded so that they match the specific class that I am taking at the time. This system really helps me keep control of my daily schedule and let's me plan a full schedule for the day. I typically review either in the mornings (I get up at 8 am everyday) or whenever I have time throughout the day. After 9 pm I typically give myself free reign over what I do (I like to watch The Simpsons while I review) as long as it is somewhat productive (reading a book, going over my notes, exercising etc.) and then I chill out for the rest of the night (typically 11 pm - 12:30 am) when I go to sleep.

This system, along with my bullet journal/planner, has really helped me make sure my time is managed in the best way possible. I hope seeing examples of how I have managed my time helps you manage  yours!