Job Search Guide: Social Media Accounts


When you first apply for a job or an internship, many companies look at your resume and also at any social media accounts that you are a part of. It is important for you to realize that based on your social media account information (tweets, pictures, captions, posts) you can be denied a job. Here are some things you should do to make sure your social media accounts don't effect your ability to get a job or an internship.

  1. Make your account private. This way you have the option to tweet to your hearts content and your tweets are only shown to those you approve. But don't mistake for a second that your tweets might not get out.
  2. Don't tweet/post vulgarity. Using incredibly vulgar, racist, sexist, or any other terms that are not considered "polite for company" can cause a company to not higher you. Especially if said position is in public relations or management.
  3. Underage drinking or drug pictures. Pictures of you drinking and taking or smoking drugs is a big no no for companies. Underage drinking and smoking/taking illegal drugs is a huge issue for companies. If you are going to do it, make sure you keep do it safely and don't post pictures.
  4. Untag yourself from any photos that are linked to out of control parties, drug usage etc.
  5. Google yourself and be prepared to explain any remarks, posts, pictures, or tagged photographs to your future employers. Employers often understand that students make mistakes and they want to know that you have learned from said mistakes.
  6. Be honest. If asked about any past drug use or anything else illegal your best bet is to always speak the truth. It's worse if you do not disclose anything when asked.
  7. Understand you may not get the job if you did something against company policy. Companies can be highly selective of their employees and image means a lot. Know that most companies will forgive past discretion's and don't particularly care if you smoked marijuana in the past as long as you are able to demonstrate that your behavior has changed.

These are some tips to help you make sure you have a chance at getting that college internship or job later on in life. If you want to know more about how to manage your social media accounts, check out Huffington Post and another article from SUNY.