How To: Start a Food Journal

It can be hard sometimes to eat healthy and exercise as a college student. I had a hard time learning what foods I should or shouldn't eat to stay healthy - especially when I decided to become vegetarian again for health reasons - and so I started looking for ways to keep track of what I eat on a daily basis. I found a few things that worked for me recently and I'll discuss them below:

  1. Get an app. I use myfitnesspal by Under Armour because it gave you options to choose your food, use a bar code scanner, track your exercise, and gives you nutritional information about everything you have eaten recently.


  2. Use an everyday journal to keep track of everything in one handwritten place. This can be hard if you are looking for nutritional information about eat thing you eat but it can also be great if you just want to know what you eat or snack on throughout the day.

In terms of keeping a food journal, it's always hard to start out writing down all of your food throughout the day but I've found that if you make it colorful (drawing a picture of the chicken thigh you just ate) or otherwise making writing down everything you eat a lot more fun to do really helps keep you on track.


I know this post was brief, but starting a food journal is really based on what makes you want to keep track of your food intake and the method that works best for you. For some people it's a handwritten journal and for others it is an app that reminds them when they should put their food in. Whichever method you choose make sure it is the right one for you!