Finals Preparation: That time of the year (again)


It's that time of the year! Spring finals are almost upon us and it's time to start prepping for those long exam and packing up for the summer.

Finals Preparation (if your exam is cumulative):

Step 1. Gather all of your notes from the semester and organize them by test.

Step 2. Gather all of your tests together and put each section of your notes behind the tests. Some professors won't give you back your tests, what you can do instead is ask to see your exam and mark down any areas you got wrong.

Step 3. Go through each of your exams and pull out all of the questions you got wrong for each exam and build a new exam out of those questions.

Step 4. Review all of your notes and retake each exam anyway (all of the questions) as this is a good way to review over the materials from the semester.

Step 5. Breathe, relax, don't get too stressed out. You'll do fine.


Finals Preparation (if your exam is non-cumulative or only second half of semester):

Some professors don't like to give too many tests so they just give a midterm and a final exam. This can be hard for some people because the exams are now weighted more in comparison and it's hard to know the full extent of the testable material. Some steps for making the best out of this situation include:

Step 1. Gather all of your notes from the semester and organize them by subject.

Step 2. Google your class name and include the words ('final' 'quiz' 'exam 2' etc) to see if you can find any quizlets from people who have taken similar exams before.

Step 3. Make your own test. Ask your professor about the format, the content of the test and if there are any specific topics that are definitely going to be on the test. Use what your professor says to make a sample test to practice your understanding of the material.

Step 4. Take your self-made tests and see where your knowledge is lacking in the subject. If there are areas that you do not understand, go back through your notes, ask your instructor, compare notes with friends etc. until you are able to explain all the concepts effectively.

Step 5. Breathe, you got this. Tests can be stressful, but you got this far already!

These were some basic ideas for how to prepare for your finals this semester and there are many other different ways to study and re learn the material, I hope these are useful to you!