How To: Build Habits


I have been trying for many years to build a good, healthy habit and I know from personal experience just how hard it can be to maintain and keep it up. I have finally gotten several habits (good ones!) underneath my belt and I am going to share with you how I did it.

  1. Start a challenge. If you want to (for instance) be productive every day, exercise everyday, or something else starting a challenge is a very easy way to make sure you are on track. A challenge makes you accountable because you post your progress (a picture of your notes, a gym mat) every day and count the number of days out of out of one hundred as a way to keep yourself accountable. I am currently doing the 100 days of productivity challenge on tumblr and so far it's been great!


  2. If you don't want to be so public with your habits you can keep a habit checklist. I used to keep mine in the back of my bullet journal. It's just a simple list of the habits you want to have and a list of days next to it. You check off the habit under the day every time you complete a habit for the day!
  3. Set reminders for yourself. These can be recurring reminders (Google Calendar is great for this!) or post it notes you stick up on your bathroom mirror, but having that reminder every day can really help you stay on track!
  4. Have a friend help you out. Telling your friend that you are trying to build a habit (good or break a bad one) can be really helpful because they can help remind you about your habits when they see you. For instance they can help remind you not to bite your nails when they see you start to do it. Friends are great for this!

There are many other ways to learn how to build a habit, but the ones above are my favorite ways to start and keep habits. Hope you find this helpful!