Job Search Guide: LinkedIn


LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms that many college age students don't have but really should. It provides connections between yourself (the student) and professionals (your future employers). LinkedIn is essentially a visual resume that your future employers can use to look at and determine how well you fit the job. There are three basic rules to creating a LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed:

  1. Include a picture and a summary. This is absolutely essentially because it makes you seem more human and gives employers the chance to put a face to a name and the summary lets you talk about yourself to employers and "summarizes" your experience.
  2. Include volunteer work, any and all work experience, clubs and organizations, previous colleges, skills that you have, certifications, any awards you got in high school, interesting courses that you have taken etc. These are the things you might not be able to fit into a typical one-page resume for a company so including them on your LinkedIn profile shows that you are a well rounded person.


  3. Ask for endorsements and recommendations. Endorsements and recommendations are what prove to employers that you have the skills that they want you to have. People endorse your skills on LinkedIn to essentially say "yes, I agree that this person has this skill" and they recommend you by writing a short paragraph about your skills and how much they enjoyed working with you. Be careful you don't ask for recommendations from people who don't like you because that's not the best way to get a glowing review.