Internship Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration


Clothes have a lot to do with how you are perceived, especially in a business setting. For those of us who have (or don't have) summer internships, the way you look and carry yourself is very important to how you are perceived and treated. This is why I created a capsule wardrobe inspiration piece for the summer so you can get an idea of how to dress professionally and not have that many pieces of clothing to keep track of or worry about matching too often. The set below contains 6 shirts, 4 bottoms, 2 jackets, and 4 pairs of shoes to mix and match each day so that you have a varied set of outfits for your workday. I chose simple pastel and neutral colors that tend to look good on everyone for this set as well as two pairs of pants (a cream colored and black) and two skirts (grey and black) for the bottoms. When I worked it out, I found that you can get approximately 24 different outfits not including shoe choices or whether or not you choose a jacket to wear as well. I hope you enjoy this internship outfit inspiration, but as always, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and follow your companies dress guidelines!