Balancing Work and Class during the Summer


I'm taking 2 online classes this summer. One is a 5 week course and the other is a 10 week course. On top of that I am balancing a job and moving back in with my family for two months again before moving back out to live in an apartment. Life is pretty hectic. I have several ways that I manage my time that I thought I would share with you today.

  1. Plan, schedule, and stick to what you need to do. I have planned each day RIGOROUSLY. Because my work schedule is pretty flexible I can actually wake up relatively late (9am) but if you work in a more strict 9-5 way you may need to plan when you get up and what time you leave/account for travel time.
  2. Write down and color code all of your assignments and due dates. I separate everything out and put it all in a handwritten calendar as well as my google calendar for reminders. I also put in when I am going to do each part and plan out when I am going to do what at what time for maximum organization.
  3. Be a little flexible. Don't get hung up about staying perfectly on schedule. As long as you can get everything done by the time it needs to be done you're fine!
  4. Take some time for yourself. I like to relax for a few minutes each day before I go to bed and I make sure that I have at least one day (or most of a day) all to myself so that I can recharge for the week ahead.

Some of the tips above can seem like common sense items but I promise you some people haven't thought of these tips before. Hope you enjoy!