FemmeTeks Top Ten Tips: #7 Staying Healthy in University


It's so hard sometimes to commit to doing something like eating right and exercising a few times a week while your in university. Not only are you in a whole new environment for the first time, but you are also dealing with a whole bunch of new stressers that can affect your health. I've written a previous post on how to eat healthy in college here, but todays tip is going to focus on mental, physical, and emotional ways to stay healthy. Mentally:

  1. Organize - This makes it easier for you to find things and get them done faster.
  2. Plan ahead - Use a bullet journal or another agenda to keep track of what you have to do and how long you have to do it.
  3. Go to class - Seriously this is essential to help keep you stress free during the semester.


  1. Try to walk everywhere - This helps keep you active and give you a chance to be alone(ish) for a few minutes each day.
  2. Work out at least once a week - Endorphins make you happy and help make sure you feel good (both physically and emotionally)
  3. Eat in a balanced way - Try to proportion everything you eat and cut down on soda and carbs because they can make you feel like you aren't your best.


  1. Talk it out - Find a friend, therapist, or something/someone else you trust and just let it all out. A journal is also a really good resource for this.
  2. Take time for yourself - Relax, read a book, do whatever you need to do to make sure you are emotionally recharged.
  3. Do something that makes you happy - Find a new happy, start a new hobby you've always wanted to try, etc.

Each of the three tips above is a kind of essentials list. You can always add more things to the list that make you feel better in each of the three categories its up to you. I feel like this list is a good place to start to make sure you stay healthy in university. Let me know what you think of the tips in the comments below!