College Student Kitchen Essentials


Since I'm moving into my own apartment in the upcoming months I thought I might share what I considered to be essentials for a college student to keep in the kitchen. A lot of the items below are generic (or can be found generic) and are perfect for a college student.

Some highlights from the list below:
Tupperware - great for storage and keeping food fresh in the fridge
French Press/Electric Kettle - spend less on tea and coffee and make your own
Tumbler - Keep drinks, soup, and anything liquid hot or cold for as long as you need it.
You can find a lot of the more expensive items (like plates, glasses, and cookware) can be found discounted online, at thrift stores or pawn shops, and in some cases, you can get them for free from friends or family.
If you see something I missed feel free to give me a shout! I'm assuming you all have access to appliances in your apartment so I didn't include them below.
College Student Kitchen Essentials