How To: Write an Essay on a Subject You Don't Like


I love writing essays - especially when the topic is something I either know a lot about or like in general. If the essay is on a topic I don't particularly enjoy or has requirements that I don't want to deal with it can be hard to actually sit down and do the work I need to do. I had to write an essay on a topic I didn't enjoy so I thought I would write down how I was able to get all of my work done in time.

  1. Look at the requirements. If theres a rubric that your professor gives you, print it out and highlight everything you need to have done so that you can get the best possible grade.
  2. Find resources. Google is your friend here people and it can save you from boredom. If you can, find videos, fun infographics, or not-quite-boring articles. The more research you do the better prepared you will be to just start writing.
  3. Organize your notes. Clump similar facts together on a separate sheet/Google Docs file/or color code to make sure you can find everything you need to find.
  4. Write your body paragraphs first. Use your color coded notes to write paragraphs - depending on how long the paper is supposed to be  pick and choose which facts to focus on - and if you can tie in any information to something you are actually  interested in it just makes it easier to write! Make sure to cite your resources!
  5. Write the conclusion next. I've always found it easier to write a conclusion than an introduction for some reason so I write my conclusion next. Be sure to restate your main point/idea and all of the points you had in each paragraph.
  6. Write your introduction. Essentially, edit your conclusion to make it sound like the beginning of your essay.
  7. Proof read. Read your essay out loud to make sure your word order and sentence structure makes sense, ask some one else to read it for clarity, and make sure all grammatical errors are fixed.
  8. Format your essay. Check the formatting of your essay and be sure that it follows the rubric/ essay guidelines your professor gave you.
  9. Read through the rubric/ essay guidelines and your essay at the same time to make sure your essay follows the rubric exactly and gets the best grade.
  10. Review review review and submit. I tend to read through my essays at least twice more before I submit them. I always try to make sure I edit my essay right up until I submit it because I am paranoid I forgot something or missed something in my essay.