How To: Network as A Student


It can be hard to meet new people in the profession that you want to go into who aren't professors or other students. With how essential it is to know how to network and meet new people as a university student, I've provided a few tips to make the networking process easier. 1. Go to events. This includes university events, corporate events, social events, career fairs, etc. This is a great way to start up conversations with people and get to know them

2. Get on LinkedIn. I have a post about how to set up a LinkedIn account here but it's really a good idea to be able to professionally connect with different people.

3. Get business cards. This way you can share your information with people without having to exchange phones and phone numbers all the time.

4. Take every opportunity you have to work with the people in your network or whom you want to be in your network. Volunteer opportunities, career events, and any other type of gathering you can image can really help get your name out there.

5. Apply for company scholarships, conference scholarships, anything that can send you places where you can meet people in your desired field. Personally, I prefer conference scholarships because then I can travel to places - but University is expensive soo....

6. Apply for research opportunities - especially if you want to go into research. You get exposure and experience in your field which looks great for your resume AND you get to meet people.

In general, if you find an opportunity to meet people in your field or you think are just cool people, try to make sure you can stay in contact because you never know when knowing people could come in handy!