Summer Study Tips


Summer is here, and it can be hard to find time to actually sit down and study some your old notes or learn something new when the temptation to relax or the pressures of a new job are already there. As someone who always has a hard time procrastinating, I found somethings that really help me stay on top of my studies during the summer.

If you're not taking a summer class: 

  1. Go over all of your notes for one subject at least once a week. Typically I do this in separate days - So I go over math on a Wednesday and English on a Sunday - instead of trying to tackle all of my  notes in one day. This helps me remember what I learned previously and keeps my mind fresh for the upcoming semester.
  2. Try to learn one new thing a week. This can be from random Wikipedia surfing, reading a new book on a topic you randomly picked from the library, or anything that teaches you something you can value.
  3. If you want to, try to find all of the books/articles on one of your classes for next semester and see if you can get ahead on learning about the new subject. I like to do this for a topic I am especially excited about so that I can ask questions and contribute to the class more often.
  4. Make time for relaxation - especially if you are working - and just chill and read a book, go to the beach, or do whatever you need to make yourself happy for a day or two.

If you are taking a summer class: 

  1. Check in to your class at least once a day to make sure you haven't missed any assignments
  2. Write down all of your due dates in an online calendar and physical planner so you can always remind yourself when things are due - I have forgotten to do some assignments because I didn't write them down before and it was NOT GOOD.
  3. If you have online lectures try to watch them as they come out so you aren't missing anything - but if that's not possible then set aside a day at least once a week to catch up on all the lectures and take notes.
  4. Email your professor to have a face to face meeting at least once before your final exam to discuss any questions you have, and to get to know your professor. It can be hard to know what your professor wants or how to answer questions unless you talk to your professor.
  5. Do you your work when you can and make sure to take breaks and make time for yourself.