How To: Handle an Online Group Project


If you've ever had a group project you know just how stressful it can be. The stress escalates by tenfold when the group project moves online. After having some very interesting times working with groups on a project entirely online I thought I would discuss the best ways I've found to make sure a group project goes smoothly online.

  1. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Trust when I say that you need to make sure your team members understand that they should let the rest of you know when they expect to work on a part of the project or when they have a scheduling conflict so you can be sure that the project will get done on time and know any reasons for not having communication with team mates.
  2. Similarly, make sure you have records of all conversations held by your team so that you can hold each other accountable if anything falls through and know what each
  3. Plan a schedule so that everyone works on the part at least once a day.
  4. Assign each person roles and make sure that each team  member is held accountable for what they are supposed to do.
  5. Make it clear that there are consequences for people who don't complete there tasks - like letting the instructor know there is a team member who did not pull their weight or "firing" a team member if they do not contribute what they are supposed to.
  6. Share everything so that all team members are able to see what everyone else is working on and can help and make changes where needed. I recommend Google Drive but OneDrive and Dropbox are also good alternatives.
  7. Make sure all team members have access to the rubric and know what exactly is expected on them.
  8. Communicate with your team members!!
  9. Seriously guys it's so important! It caused a huge amount of stress in my life because my team members didn't communicate with me or each other and we ended up getting a worse grade than we should have because of it. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR TEAM MATES!!
  10. Understand that everything is not going to be perfect, but if you try, work together with your team, and get your own work done should work out.