How To: Handle Being Away From Home


It can be hard going away to university for the first time. Whether you are going to be 20 minutes away or 12 hours it's always an adjustment. It can be very hard if you are not prepared and understand that it will happen. I've found some tips that were incredibly useful to me when I first left home. Hopefully they can be of help to you too:

  1. Say your goodbyes. Have dinner/ a meal with your parents before you leave. It can help make things feel more normal and gives you some time to spend with them before they leave.
  2. Call/Talk with your parents whenever you need to. There's no shame in needing to talk to your parents about your day.
  3. Make new friends. Join clubs, make study groups, through yourself into studying and it helps make it easier for you to adjust.
  4. Video chat (if possible) once a week. It can help to see your parents faces and you can talk about things like how your week went and what when well/wrong for you.
  5. If you can (i.e if you are close enough) hang out with your family for a weekend a month. I did this some in the beginning and it really helped me adjust to spending so much time away and learning how to be on your own.
  6. Go to your counseling office. They are there to help you with everything including learning how to deal with being on your own.

It can be super super super hard to deal with being on your own but hopefully you can build a good support system and gradually learn that living without being around your parents all the time is okay and you will get through it.