FemmeTek's Guide to Starting Back to School


Summer break is almost over, and it's time to start thinking about moving back to go to school. If you are going to be moving into and apartment, dorm, or even if you are staying at home for the school year it can still be an adjustment. Since moving into a dorm (and then moving into an apartment) for the new school year, I've found a few tips that work better for me than others.

  1. Pack up everything non essential a few weeks before.
  2. Label EVERYTHING.
  3. If you have roommates make sure they know what you are bringing and vice versa.
  4. Once you pack up everything else that is essential (i.e clothes, cell phone charger etc.) make sure it is easily accessible and that you unpack it first.
  5. Don't forget furniture/pictures and other decorations for your room!
  6. Double and triple check everything.
  7. Contact the people who are helping you move in and make sure they are still helping you a couple days before you actually move in. Trust me, it's worth it to call your friends and ask "hey will you still help me no [date]?"
  8. If you need renters insurance make sure you get that before you move in (you may need to have proof so you CAN move into your apartment).
  9. Don't forget the things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and sheets so that even if you don't do anything else, you at least have something to sleep on and can use the bathroom!
  10. Bring groceries/snacks for unpacking and for when you need a quick meal.
  11. At the bare minimum,  you should have notebooks, your wallet/keys, pens, class schedule, and a comfortable outfit ready to go incase you don't get unpacked in time and you need to go somewhere/get to class.
  12. Look over your syllabi a few weeks before the start of classes and pick up everything you need (you can hold off on textbooks until you know for sure you'll need them).
  13. Start planning a tentative study/work/class schedule so that you have an idea of what your days will be like. Additionally, if you meal plan, you can start working on that as well for the school year.
  14. Organize organize organize!!! Seriously the more you can get organized before you move/classes start, the more

This list is really just what I've learned before starting school again but it is by no means  an exhaustive one. Feel free to add more to this list in the comments if you think of something!