Back to School Basics Printables


If you haven't already started classes you probably will soon, and it can be difficult getting back into school - especially if you've spent the summer traveling or doing other fun things. I made printables this week for you to look at and make sure you have at least the basics for school and your room. Additionally, If you are moving to an apartment this year I have another printable just for those essentials too!

  1. SMART Goals Printable. Make sure you start off your school year right with my SMART Goals printable! If you don't know what a smart goal is - I have explained the basics in the printable itself, but you can also check out this site here for more information about them.
  2. Back To School Checklist. I made a printable here for both general dorm room/apartment supplies AND basic school supplies for classes. I also left room for extra supplies if you think of some that you need.
  3. Apartment Basics Checklist. This printable is for all of us (me included) who are moving into an apartment for the new school year and want to make sure they have everything. I made this printable as a way for me to remember basic necessities and remind myself to make sure I have things like toilet paper and laundry detergent.

You can find all of those printables and all of the other ones that I made in the past in this Google Drive Folder. Let me know what you think!