Take a Class for Credit Only


One thing that I have learned so far in my college career has been that sometimes it's okay to take a class for credit only. For instance, if you were taking a gym class or another class (let's say accounting) that you didn't necessarily need for your degree and you didn't want to affect your overall GPA, you can (most of the time) choose to switch that class into a credit only class. What is a credit only class? 

A credit only class is a class that does not affect your GPA, gives you the credit for taking it, and usually appears on your transcript as either "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory". Usually, you need to make a C- or better in the class to get the "Satisfactory" on your transcript and have the credit applied.

What are the downsides? 

Not all classes should or can be taken credit only, and you should definitely talk to your advisor about taking a class for credit only as there is usually a limit the university will let you take and depending on the class, they may not let you graduate if you only took a class for credit only.

How do I change my class to credit only? 

Talk with your advisor about this because each university system has it's own way of editing it's classes, but you can try finding it yourself on your enrollment website if you really want to change your course without consulting your advisor first.

What about auditing a class? 

That's also an option! If you want to audit your course (a good option if you don't want to drop the course) you need to talk to your instructor to find out what you need to get done for the class AND talk to your advisor. Auditing is a good way to take the class without really taking it (you still need to get above a certain grade but it won't hurt your GPA) and to figure out if you really want to commit to taking that class later on.

I really, really hate this class can I drop it? 

Sure! If you absolutely hate it, go ahead and drop that class! Be warned however that you might not be able to return your books or any codes for online content because they have been used! Also, make sure you haven't passed census date yet so you can drop the class without it going on your transcript. If you have passed census date, you can still drop your class up to a point, it will just go on your transcript as "Withdrawn" and may count towards the total number of dropped hours you are allowed to have.