FemmeTek's Top Ten Tips: #8


Finding resources at your university can be hard - especially as a first or second year student. This is why I have put together a list of places that I - and my friends - have been able to find really good resources at.

  1. Your Library. I know it may seem kind of common sense to use the library as a resource but you may not know just how much your library actually offers. Your university library may offer you academic journals, books from other countries, classes on copyrights, computer loans, a maker space, and lots of other resources. Check out your university library website to see what kinds of things you can be taking advantage of!
  2. Your Professors. Chances are, your professors will have a library of their own and even access to resources you might not have. If you are looking for a specific resource for a class and the library doesn't pan out, try talking to your professor. Chances are, they'll be able to tell you a website you might have missed or some one you can go interview for said class or your own learning.
  3. University Websites. There are many different university sponsored websites that can help you with specific things. Some of the best websites I've found are the Perdue Writing Lab and Open MIT.
  4. Other Websites. Usually these are .org or .edu websites and they may or may not be affiliated with an organization. Many of the best sites I've found for research purposes include think tanks or other .org sites. BE SURE TO FACT CHECK IF YOU AREN'T SURE ABOUT THE WEBSITE.
  5. The Tutoring Center. They may be there to help you succeed in your classes, but that doesn't mean that they won't have any resources for you to continue learning.
  6. Your Advisors. Your departmental advisors may know who to talk to find the best resources - whether it is a professor you haven't met yet  or someone in industry giving a talk at the university next week.
  7. Clubs/Organizations. There are generally clubs for many many different subjects and if you check around your university student involvement website you may be able to find an interesting club for you to learn from.

Hopefully the list above will help you find resources and use your university to it's full potential!