How be Involved at University

Hi guys! I've realized that it can be pretty hard to get involved with your major/any extra curricular activities as a student if you don't really know where to start or even if there are options for you, so I've put together a list of how you can get involved at your university. 

  1. Apply for a student job. Check around on your universities student portal or website to see if they have any job postings, things like the library, campus coffee houses and even some student internships may be posted around your university. 
  2. Talk to your professor about research opportunities. Especially if it is a class you really enjoy, talk to your professor and see if they need help with their research. It's a sure-fire way to build a great relationship with your professor for the future and to add some cool skills to your resume. 
  3. Join a club or student society. Many campuses offer tons of clubs/organizations for students who are interested in all sorts of things. For instance, you can join the Society for Women Engineers or start a chapter at your school or join another fun club like the tennis club or a robotics team. 
  4. Start your own research. Again, talk to your professor about a research idea you have and see if they would be willing to sponsor your research and help you learn. Looks great on your resume, and you get to explore a new topic or idea you have! 
  5. Start your own club. If you can't find a club or if you want to start an initiative (like a HeForShe University Initiative), check out the guidelines for starting a club at your university and find some friends with the same sort of idea and start a club! If you can find at least five people who are interested in a club, I can guarantee there are more people out there who would be interested too. 

There are many ways to get involved with your university, both within your major and just in general. Be sure to really search for something you want and talk to people (your professors, your friends, anyone you know in administration) about what you want and you should be able to find help.