FemmeTek's guide to NY resolutions

How to set good 2017 Resolutions (Goals):

  1. Keep it simple: Don't try to make really complicated goals for yourself, instead make them simple and try to keep them to one sentence. 
  2. Quantify it whenever possible: Instead of saying "I will read more" try something like "I will read 12 books this year" so that you can track your progress and measure how well you are actually achieving your goals.
  3. Make a schedule: Decide how far along you want to be in your progress for each goal at certain times and measure to see if you are actually making progress. 
  4. Have a tracking device: Use a bullet journal or an excel spreadsheet (I use both and explain them more below) to track your progress and to help you remember to actually work towards your goal for the year. 
  5. Focus on 1 or 2 big goals and no more than 4 smaller goals for the year: You don't want to get bogged down trying to achieve 4 really hard to do goals in a year. Instead, by having one or two big goals and several smaller ones you can feel better about working towards your goals and won't get bogged down. 

My Personal Goals for 2017: 

My 2017 goals for the year.

My 2017 Bullet Journal Tracker for my goals

My big goal for the year is to learn conversational Russian. My other goals I think are relatively simple in nature and I know I can accomplish them. I plan to code and move (exercise, walk, dance, something) every day to keep up my health and my general coding skills. I am also going to DIY at least one project a month. This is either going to be something tech related (January's project is a smart mirror I've been wanting to try since 2015) or a craft type project like making a dress. I am also going to continue with the Goodreads book challenge and read 12 books this year, and read along with the book clubs I am in. Lastly, I plan on volunteering 365 hours - or one hour for every day that is in a year - (at the very least) to continue my goal of trying to be more helpful and give back throughout the year. Side note - if anyone knows of any cool organizations that need volunteer work, let me know! 

Keeping Track of my Goals:

I will be using two systems this year to make sure I stay on track and so I won't forget to remember something I did this year. One system is an excel spreadsheet I have that keeps track of everything (all the details) this also includes dates, times, the amount, and any notes I have about what I did to work towards accomplishing my goal. I use a separate sheet for each goal/habit I want to track and will try to make sure to update them all daily. 

The second system I will be using is my own Bullet Journal which I will use to measure the big milestones I make towards my goals and to track my progress. You can see my outline for how I plan on tracking my goals on the side.