Five Best Books I read in 2016

Last year, I joined the feminist book club Our Shared Shelf, run by Emma Watson, and found some really cool books of my own that I absolutely loved reading. I thought I would share the five best books I read in 2016 with you all (In no particular order)!

1. The Princess Diarist I read this book almost right after I heard that Carrie Fisher had died, so about two days ago. I am so glad I read this book though because honestly it was a really good insight into how she thinks and was filled with her ramblings. It's also the book where she talks about her affair with Harrison Ford (!!) 40 years after it happened, while they filmed the first Star Wars film. I really felt like this book helped me connect with one of my role models, and a goal for next year is to read some of her other books as well.

2. A Gentleman in Moscow This book takes place almost entirely in one setting and it is brilliant. Not only does Amor Towles tell a very vivid and captivating story but the prose he uses is gorgeous as well. This book is really really long, and can get a tad dry at times, but it is well worth it to read if you can make it through. 

3. Mom and Me and Mom This is one of the books I read for Our Shared Shelf and it made it onto this list entirely because it made me reexamine my own relationship with my mother and grandmother and I learned a lot about how much those family members influence and help me. Maya Angelou talks about her life and her maternal figures with such frankness that while reading it, I was forced to look at my own familial relationships. This book is amazing and I recommend it a lot. 

4. Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone This book was the absolute funniest book I have read all year and I cannot wait until the next book comes out!! This whole book reimagines the typical Sherlock Holmes and John Watson relationship to add in magic and trolls into the mix. A must read for anyone who loves fantasy and mystery!

5. The Wonder Garden This book was really interesting because it's a series of short stories about a single town and each story is connected in a weird way to another character or a place or a time in the town and it was absolutely lovely. It was really fascinating to see how Lauren Acampora connected the stories and weaved a really cool story line with only the reader being able to connect the dots. 

I actually read a lot more books that this past year, but these are the books that I really enjoyed the most reading and learning from. If you want to check out the full list of books I read in 2016, look at my goodreads profile. What books did you read this year?