FemmeTeks Finals Survival Tips

Finals are right around the corner, and it's important to get prepared and do your best on them. I've put together a list of some of my favorite tips and tricks for doing my best each semester. 

  1. Get plenty of sleep. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a night no matter what your schedule is and take naps if you need to. Sleep is essentially for you to feel good and do your best. 
  2.  Work in pieces. I like to focus on one or two sections of my notes at a time and then move on to something different or take a break after I complete a section. This prevents me from becoming too bored with my work and allows me to focus on many different subjects throughout the day without burn out. 
  3. Take breaks when needed. It's important that you don't burn out right before a big exam, so be sure to make room in your study schedule to relax, hydrate, and eat something so you can be your best self. 
  4. Ask for help from your classmates. Talk to your classmates. Chances are, you may have missed something in class and they can help you find the answer. Study groups can help if they're done in the right way! 
  5. Email your Professor or TA if you can't find the answer. If no one you know can find the answer - email your professor or TA. Explain to them the work you did before asking them and hopefully they can answer your question. If nothing, google is your friend. 
  6. Hydrate. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. It's so important that you not get sick!! Drink water and take care of your body! 
  7. Try to work out at least once or twice before finals. This is along the same lines as my hydrate tip - it's good to take care of your body, especially before finals. Also, working out can help you release some of your aggression and stress from this time of year. 
  8. Stick to the same routine. Create a study schedule and try to stick to it. This helps you make sure you are studying all of the subjects you need to in a timely manner. Use a timer app if you need help staying on time and I use Google Calendar to plan a schedule with reminders for the week. 
  9. Review all your notes each night. I like to at least look over all of my upcoming exam notes before going to bed so I can remind myself of them one more time before sleeping. Call me crazy but it works! 
  10. Meditate or find another way to relax. Meditation is really helpful when trying to relax, but other methods work too. It's important that you relax before your exam because... YOU GOT THIS!

Find whatever methods work for you, but remember, finals are stressful, and you deserve to take care of yourself during this time.