Herstory Thursdays: Dr. Hina Chaudhry

It's the first Herstory Thursday's post in a while! I can't believe I didn't post during Women's History Month, but we have today to make it count. Today's Herstory Thursday's post is dedicated to a woman who has made strides in gene therapy and is a current medical director at Icahn School Of Medicine in New York. Meet Dr. Hina Chaudhry. 

Dr. Chaudhry received her MD from Harvard University and specializes in cardiovascular disease and has studied gene therapy as a way to allow the heart to heal itself eventually. Dr. Chaudhry was recently profiled in Teen Vogue magazine and stated "When you pursue important scientific projects that solve critical clinical questions with the potential to cure diseases, you are able to eventually disrupt [the glass ceiling, lower pay, and lower venture capital earnings]."

Dr. Chaudhry is currently the Director of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai, New York. In 2013 she was named a TEDMED Innovation Scholar and is affiliated with the Mount Sinai Hospital. 

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